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The Brunton pocket transit has been the geologist's most trusted tool since 1896, combining the principles of the surveyor's compass, prismatic compass, clinometer, hand level and plumb. It is available in the traditional styles plus the ComPro 90 composite series.

Brunton has utilized the best in modern materials and manufacturing techniques to create the ComPro 90, the first all new Brunton in over 90 years. It has all of the features that have made Brunton the world's most popular pocket transit, plus numerous improvements. It features a rare earth magnet, the patented "International" needle suspension, magnetic dampening, waterproof construction, improved lift mechanism and lightweight state-of-the-art molded composite compass body. It comes complete with leather carrying case and is available with 0-360 deg. or 0-90 quadrant graduations.

All Brunton pocket transits come with a leather belt case.


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